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Name: Amarpreet Kaur

Business: HR Help Desk

Location: New Delhi, India

Industry: Professional Services

Reason for starting? I had the vision to work and do work from home — a model that would help women be able to contribute and use their skills, while also balancing their other family priorities. I want to build this company to be the best when it comes to providing a range of HR consulting and advisory services at very cost effective prices. Along with that, I am also working in uplifting and raising awareness about women’s rights and women’s empowerment by way of research and a service line that caters to women in the workplace. Recently I did a public survey about women in the work place in India; more than 3,200 have shared their challenges and the various hostile behaviors they face while trying to make their careers. This study was also published in national newspapers in India.

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How do you define success? Uplifting women, financial independence for women. For my organization to be able to be the best in the industry and able to work on women-centric projects that will help improve female wellbeing and equal rights in the workplace.

Biggest success: The survey that we did recently, titled as Voice of Women 2017, was a huge success. We did it for the first time and have seen women participating, not only from India but from other countries as well.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? I don’t have enough funds to invest in marketing or branding. Not getting enough support from government schemes. To sustain business, we need funds to have stability and brand ourselves to be able to reach the masses. Because we are a women’s organization, we often get discriminated against and don’t see as many projects coming through. I have to keep putting my personal money and assets in to keep moving and running this business. I have a vision with product clarity, but without enough resources and funds we are failing and not able to push ourselves beyond a point.

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Who is your most important role model? For me, every women who does not give up and keeps trying is a role model. Every women has a challenge to be caregiver and to be earning at the same time. She is the one who loses many battles every day but still keeps trying because she has no other choice. I respect each and every women who has struggled and never given up and is constantly moving up the ladder, without compromising on her ethics .


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