Amy Searle Rainbow PoochyAmy Searle’s entire life changed after a motorcycle accident in 2017. She struggled through many months of recovery and chronic pain, that ultimately created a desire in her to find meaning and purpose again in her life. Thus Rainbow Poochy was born. Searle is growing her colorful online craft store selling dream catchers and other quirky accessories, through savvy social media skills and determination to set an example for her daughter. 

Searle’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

In 2017 I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Though I survived it left me with a broken pelvis in five places and bed bound for 8 months. I lost purpose. I had to shut down my paper craft business. I started to get depressed. I needed purpose again and a reason to keep going, to push through the pain. I wanted to prove to my daughter that nothing should stop you from chasing your dreams. Thus Rainbow Poochy was born from a hospital bed and from the encouragement of my amazing support network.

My definition of success is happiness and passion. If I can inspire just one person to not give up, show just one person that with a bit of hard work and determination anything is possible, then that is success. I include a copy of The Legend of the Dream Catcher with ever order I send out, as part of a mission to keep the original teaching of this story alive. I had to learn the hard way that there is more to success and business than just crunching numbers. Life is short, so success shouldn’t be measured by numbers but by happiness and peace of mind.

My biggest success to date is winning two awards on Twitter for my business. I have won The Queen of Award and a Smart Social Award. This is a big achievement for me, as I am a one woman business and there is just me so I’m do everything from making the products to marketing on my own. Rainbow Poochy is just over a year old (we launched in November 2018) so to get two awards in our first year is pretty amazing.

My top challenge has been working through the pain of my body. I suffer chronic pain on a daily bases And this can prove difficult. Pushing through each day in pain can be the hardest part of running my business. But I have an amazing support network with my friends and family especially my husband who will talk me out of my lows and encourages me to reach for my goals.

My most important role model has to be my mum. She is amazing and she supports me everyday with a phone call to see how my work day has gone and celebrates every win with me. She talks me around on bad days as she too is a small business owner. So she really understands. She inspires me every day. If I can be half as amazing as she is then I’ll know I have done a good job.

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