The Story Exchange, Andeisha Farid, AFCECOYour Name: Andeisha Farid

Business Name: Afghan Child Education and Care Organization – AFCECO, a charity organization for Afghan orphans

Type of Business: Arts & Entertainment/Children’s Goods & Services

Business Location: Kabul, Afghanistan


Reason for starting
For me there is a practical remedy for the ignorance, oppression, hatred, and poverty so deeply imbedded in society; raise a new generation of boys and girls. It began with bringing twenty orphans to the school I directed. When I saw how quickly they responded, I felt hope. I thought that if we could do more than feed and house these children, if we could educate them, teach them to embrace equality, empower them with a sense of security, they might give back to their country what their country desperately needs: Afghan teachers, Afghan midwives, Afghan engineers and of course, Afghan leaders. That is the basis from which I began the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO).

Who is your most important role model?
The widows who serve the children in the orphanages are my role models.