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Name: Andrea Carroll

Business: A.C Photography

Location: Preston, England, United Kingdom 

Industry: Arts & Entertainment

Reason for starting? I had always been interested in photography, but never thought of it as any more than a hobby for a long time. I then became ill after a motorcycle accident, and was told that there was a possibility that I could go blind with this illness. This sort of jump started me into photography again, as I felt that I needed to capture what I see and how I see the world. Even though I have never been taught photography academically, I applied for a place on a masters degree course and was accepted, as I felt that I needed guidance as to a path I should follow with my photography.

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How do you define success? 
My personal definition of success is for my work to be seen and appreciated. Primarily I wish to work on a long-term photographic project I have in mind and produce a book on this, which may finally get me recognized as a professional documentary photographer.

Biggest success: 
I have had two successful crowdfunding campaigns, which has meant that my work is being seen around the world in many different countries. I feel that this, for now, is the best way for my work to be noticed and loved.

What is your top challenge
 and how you have addressed it? The hardest thing about trying to become an established photographer is actually getting noticed. Everyone today can be a photographer with digital technology readily available, and unless you know the right people or have the money to work on projects to get you noticed, it is very difficult to get work seen by people in the industry. I am trying different avenues such as crowdfunding to get my work seen around the world, which has been successful up until now.

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Who is your most important role model? 
I know it sounds strange (and probably big headed), but I think I am my own role model. I have faced some terrible things over the last decade, but I have managed to overcome all of these and stay strong, found my dream and pursued it through thick and thin, which makes me proud of myself.

Twitter   @andreac_photo

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