Angelyn Myers The Original My Buddy Towel

Angelyn Myers is a mom of six children who was struggling through nightly bath time routines. Searching for a full-coverage onesie for her kids and looking to cut down on towel usage, she looked for a solution but couldn’t find one. So she invented it herself. The Stillwater, Oklahoma, mompreneur has since created The Original My Buddy Towel, is busy getting her product into stores and is finding out what success means to her.

Myers’ story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project:

I am a mom and an entrepreneur! With six kids laundry is never ending. My daughter always insisted on using not one, not two, but three towels every time she got out of the bath! Not only did she use three towels, she would throw a crying fit that she’s was cold! One evening (about a year ago), I was dreading bath time, tired of meltdowns, and frustrated with washing so many towels, and I had a light bulb moment: This child of mine needs a towel that provides full-body coverage, something  she can slip on right after a bath! I turned to Google, but the search came up with nothing like the one I had in mind to solve the issue. I decided to make the design I needed. So, I created the patent-pending My “Buddy” Towel! The first wearable full-body 100% cotton towel! It absorbs water from the inside, and air dries on the out! Now kids can have fun dressing up after a bath while they relax and dry off! Simply slip on, zip up and go! It’s a towel and onesie in one!

There are lots of ways someone could define success.  Success to me is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

Here I am with this amazing idea turned product — what’s next? Well I packed up the car and went to a local boutique, which led to my first wholesale deal! I also emailed every water park in the tristate area and made another wholesale deal! It just shows what can happen if you are determined. I got my product for sale in boutiques and water parks all on my own!

One of my challenges was to figure out a business plan. I turned to an organization called SCORE. They have mentors for entrepreneurs and a lot of free business tools. My mentor helped me put together a business plan, and helped me prepare for a TV show called Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch. (Results: I secured a deal!)

Daymond John is my role model. He had an idea and had the drive to bring it to life. He didn’t have a “name” and was not born into money. But he figured it out on his own!