Note: This is part of our ongoing Women in Hollywood project. 


This Sunday marks the 87th annual Academy Awards. Leading up to the Oscars presentation, resplendently dressed nominees, performers, presenters and more will walk the famous red carpet and field questions from reporters.

But instead of being asked about their accomplishments, women who speak with members of the press are usually queried about their outfits, beauty rituals or relationships. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with, say, having a passion for fashion, reporters don’t stray from those topics during interviews with female attendees. The result? Predictable chats with women who have so much more to offer.

That is why The Representation Project started up the #AskHerMore campaign. By rallying the online troops through hashtag activism, the organization hopes to inspire reporters to dig deeper and think harder when it comes to questions for female actresses, directors, producers and more.

At The Story Exchange, we would particularly love to see the educated, entrepreneurial women of Hollywood discuss their work, as well as their interests in business and finance. That’s why we came up with six sample questions for women who will be attending this Sunday’s ceremony. Feel free to share them during the show, and let us know what you want reporters to ask your favorite female celebrities in the comments section!


For Reese Witherspoon (@rwitherspoon):

As the founder of a production company & a lifestyle brand, what would you say to women considering serial entrepreneurship? #AskHerMore

Viola-AvatarFor Viola Davis (@violadavis):

You described your childhood as one of “abject poverty” in interviews. How has that shaped how you handle your finances today? #AskHerMore

Ava-ThumbnailFor Ava DuVernay (@avaetc):

Tell us about your principle of “backing into the number” – how do you prioritize how best to use the money you have access to? #AskHerMore

Keira-ThumbnailFor Keira Knightley:

You visited Silicon Valley – how do you think Joan Clarke, whom you portray in “The Imitation Game,” would feel in that setting? #AskHerMore

Zoe-ThumbnailFor Zoe Saldana (@zoesaldana):

You’ve celebrated women in Haiti getting money from FINCA to start businesses. Why is female entrepreneurship important to you? #AskHerMore.

Jennifer-AvatarFor Jennifer Lopez (@jlo):

In your book, you tell readers to never let fear dictate your career path. How has that advice come in handy in your work? #AskHerMore


In coming months, The Story Exchange will be exploring Hollywood’s gender gap, interviewing directors, producers, actors, writers and academics who are following the issue and advocating for change. Interested in being a part of our series? Drop us a line at [email protected].