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How to Grow Your Small Business

Judi Townsend, founder of Mannequin Madness offers insightful tips for helping small business owners grow their businesses. Try it out, take a risk for you never know what serendipitous circumstance you may find yourself in.

Kenyan Entrepreneur: Dust off Failure to Embrace Success

From the corporate world to the realm of entrepreneurship, Eva Muraya is one of Kenya’s leading businesswomen. After working successfully with big multinational companies for 15 years, she quit because she wanted to conquer new challenges that allowed her to use her creativity.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 13th is the special day for mothers and it’s just around the corner. We’ve compiled a list of great presents from women-owned businesses, submitted to us on Your Story Exchange.

7 Lessons from Twenty-Something CEOs

At a recent event hosted by Asian Women in Business, a new generation of CEOs gathered to discuss their experiences of starting a company and provide advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.