Colleen DeBaise

Colleen DeBaise

Colleen DeBaise is former small business editor of the Wall Street Journal. Her most recent book is “Start a Successful Business.” She has also written about the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship for Inc., Entrepreneur and BusinessWeek, among others. She has been interviewed on MSNBC, Fox, CNBC, CBS and NPR. Colleen has a master’s in journalism from Northwestern University.

Posts by Colleen DeBaise

Ep. 39: Lighting Childbirth

After witnessing shocking conditions at a maternity ward in Nigeria, Dr. Laura Stachel decided to take action. We Care Solar’s solar suitcases have lit over 2 millions births in over 30 countries.

Ep. 38: A Chorus Grows in Brooklyn

We talk to Dianne Berkun Menaker, who turned a passion for music into the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. Today, she’s helping New York City kids find their voices and power in a confusing world.

Ep 37: No More Pesticides

At a time when there are serious health concerns about the pesticides we spray on crops, Pam Marrone of Marrone Bio Innovations specializes in natural alternatives to toxic chemicals.

Ep. 35: A Podcast for Dog Lovers

Once upon a time, Sherri Franklin was a successful (but uninspired) hairstylist. To find purpose in life, she began volunteering at the SPCA…and an old dog named Heidi captured her heart. Today, Franklin runs Muttville, a $4 million social enterprise that specializes in rescuing senior dogs.

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