Karin Kamp at The Story Exchange

Karin Kamp at The Story Exchange

Karin Kamp is the former Director of Digital Media at The Story Exchange.

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The Young and The Relentless: Entrepreneurs under 25

At a time of high levels of youth joblessness – the latest U.S. figures show that the unemployment rate for workers under 25 is over 16 percent – some are betting that the best chance for finding a job, is creating one.

An Upside to the “War on Women”?

Women’s issues have been all over the media lately, and not for all the right reasons. Birth control, abortion rights, the Rush Limbaugh Sandra Fluke ‘slut’ comment controversy, Hilary Rosen’s comments on Ann Romney never working a day in her life.

Business Woman + Terminator

Growing up below the poverty line, Melissa Mowbray-D’Arbela, the founder of Filligent Technologies, learned to be resourceful at an early age.

Entrepreneur Making Love and Money

“I have to follow my own passion, not what my parents set out for me,” our 22-year-old intern Christina Wu said after watching Violet Lim’s video on The Story Exchange.

Asian Women Rising Up in World Business

The Financial Times’ annual Top 50 women in world business 2011 shows Asian women are moving up in the rankings. Eighteen Asian women were featured on this year’s list, including Asian-American Andrea Jung, CEO of Avon Cosmetics.

For Love of Chocolate and Children

Lyn Lee, founder of Awfully Chocolate, told us her main reason for starting a company was so she could start a family and raise children on her terms. In a way it seems counterintuitive.

Resources for Women Startups, Where You Live

The National Women’s Business Council, which provides advice to the President, Congress and the SBA about women’s business issues, has a new website with some handy links for women looking for help starting and expanding their businesses.

Banging sideways against the glass wall?

A few days ago, Nightly News with Brian Williams did a short segment on Nell Merlino, a woman who is trying to help other women entrepreneurs grow their own businesses beyond the million dollar mark despite the tough economy.

Women Entrepreneurs and Finance: Don’t Be Shy

Times have been hard recently – especially for start-up businesses trying to get funded. Whether trying to find investors in your company or secure a loan from a bank, these days, just getting through the front door can be a challenge.