Victoria Flexner

Victoria Flexner

Victoria Flexner is the editor of the 1,000 Stories Project and more recently helped launch, 1,000+ Stories Project. Victoria has a background in food and history, having worked at Hall PR, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and the New York Public Library. Victoria is also a young entrepreneur — she is the founder of Edible History, a historical supper club based in Brooklyn.

Posts by Victoria Flexner

Saira Hussain: A Young Entrepreneur Builds Her Own Door

“I feel both the image and culture of construction is slowly changing, and as a woman I will continue to work towards fighting for better conditions and more flexible working policies that allow both men and women with other responsibilities to work within the industry.”

Julie Watling: Technology Made for Communications

“I was employed by a global electronics company when I became a mother. Once I had a baby it appeared that I was no longer taken seriously. Being ambitious and good at what I did, I was not satisfied with this attitude and decided to ‘go it alone.'”

Natalie Chan: Coworking and Events Grow in Brooklyn

“In general, communication is always the challenge. It is not because making it happen is hard. It is because the people I need to communicate with are surrealistically diverse, on the individual level as well as the cultural/social level.”