Victoria Flexner

Victoria Flexner

Victoria Flexner is the editor of the 1,000 Stories Project and more recently helped launch, 1,000+ Stories Project. Victoria has a background in food and history. She is the founder of Edible History, a historical supper club based in Brooklyn and author of "A History of The World in Ten Dinners" to be published by Rizzoli Fall 2023.

Posts by Victoria Flexner

Nidhi Pant: A Platform for Farmers

“It was during the floods of 2013 in India, while spearheading the relief campaigns, that I realized that I wanted to drive the social change that transforms disparities into better, sustainable balances.”

Cathy Lander-Goldberg: Self-Expression Through Photography

“In the early 90s I was teaching photography to at-risk adolescents while working as a freelance photographer. I saw how they benefitted from self-expression in many ways. That was the impetus for opening Photo Explorations, a photography learning center for teens.”

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