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The Story Exchange

The Story Exchange is a global video project empowering women to achieve economic independence through entrepreneurship. By producing and promoting video profiles of successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life and sectors we encourage others to gain economic freedom, create the lifestyle of their choosing, and uncover their full potential.

Posts by The Story Exchange

Afghan Women: ‘We Are Not Fragile’

We speak to women who fled Afghanistan – as well as some who are still there. Our goal is to give Afghan women visibility at a time when the Taliban seeks to erase them from public life.

Ep. 30: All About Those Periods

In our latest podcast episode, we talk with Celeste Mergens, who created Days for Girls to empower girls and women around the world by providing reusable sanitary products and health education.

The Independent Life – Keavy Landreth

The co-founder of Butter & Scotch, a Brooklyn-based dessert eatery and bar, says success as an entrepreneur is giving her the freedom to move 3,000 miles away to be with family.

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