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Katie Hobbs

The Arizona State Senate Democratic leader and advocate for women in politics aims to replace a female Republican incumbent and become the next secretary of state.

Regina Bateson

The former foreign service officer and college educator is running for a California congressional seat as a Democrat, challenging an incumbent Republican climate-change denier.

Sarah Riggs Amico

The “politically purple” corporate-leader-turned-candidate would make history and break a Republican winning streak, if she becomes lieutenant governor of Georgia.

Shantel Krebs

South Dakota’s secretary of state is now running to be her state’s sole U.S. House representative, aiming to succeed fellow Republican Kristi L. Noem, who is running for governor.

Kimberlin Brown

The California soap opera star and entrepreneur made her political debut as a speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Now, she’s challenging an incumbent Democrat for a U.S. House seat.