A few days ago, Nightly News with Brian Williams did a short segment on Nell Merlino, a woman who is trying to help other women entrepreneurs grow their own businesses beyond the million dollar mark despite the tough economy.

Merlino, who heads up a group called Count Me In, wants women entrepreneurs to think bigger to grow multimillion-dollar businesses and create jobs.

She’s helped women entrepreneurs like Leah Brown, who won a competition backed by Merlino in 2007, when Brown was the only employee her company had. Today she runs a $30 million health research firm that employs 250.

“At this point in time we have to stop talking about this as a gender issue and start talking about it as an economic issue,” said Lesa Mitchell, of the Kauffman Foundation.

What was especially interesting was the idea that women are being held back by self-created ‘glass walls’ – trying  to do everything themselves, not having a strategic network and thinking small instead of thinking big.

We want to hear from you – Are ‘glass walls’ a bigger problem than the glass ceiling?

And thank you Brian, for covering women who are making a difference!

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