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Name: Beverly Nance

Business: Puzzlebilities

Location: Stockbridge, Georgia, U.S. 

Industry: Arts & Entertainment

Reason for starting? Puzzlebilities creates custom jigsaw puzzles from your pictures and artwork. I started Puzzlebilities when my daughter who has autism tried to help me put a jigsaw together. I noticed that jigsaw puzzles helped her memory, cognitive development and most importantly her social interaction with others. I started Puzzlebilities to help those with autism and it grew to enhance the lives of those with Alzheimer’s as well. I continue to find people that can benefit from jigsaw puzzles the more exposure that my business receives. I know that I am living my purpose and I love my passion.  There are not a lot of products on the market for those with autism as they usually fixate on certain things. Since jigsaw puzzle assembly is my hobby and people say you should start a business from you hobby, the next step was easy for me. I have always had an entrepreneurial dream of starting my own business so my hobby, drive, and my daughter led me to start Puzzlebilities.

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How do you define success? My definition of success is giving back to help others, financial freedom and living in peace.

Biggest success: My biggest success to date is having my puzzle brand for sale on Amazon. I have also enhanced the lives of those with Autism and Alzheimer’s. I made a jigsaw puzzle for an early stage Alzheimer patient and although he needed some help he was able to assemble the puzzle and recognize his family members. If a person can say the name of a family member even one more time it’s an accomplishment. If I can provide a product that can bring a smile to the face of someone with Autism or Alzheimer’s I feel successful.

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What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? My top challenge was expanding my company’s offerings. I addressed it by having art created and I ordered puzzles from a manufacturer in large volumes. Having a retail brand provides a steady income and allows me to concentrate on the custom jigsaw puzzles and target an audience for them. I have created a custom product that is unique and each puzzle made is one of a kind. My puzzles provide a sense of accomplishment to those who assemble them. I feel my product is a great benefit to society. I am a hard working woman with big goals for expansion and goals that are attainable.

Who is your most important role model? My mother is my most important role model. She always stressed to me to have my own money so I can make my own decisions.

Twitter   @Puzzlebilities

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