Your Name: Bhavana

Business Name: ARISTOCRAFT, a wholesaler and exporter of Indian made crafts

Type of Business: Arts & Entertainment/E-Commerce/Home & Housewares

Business Location: India

Reason for starting
The main Motto of Aristocraft is to: -Give a platform to all talented and professional artists and craftsmen to motivate them further to work on their creativity. -To preserve ancient artworks. -Bring those unique products to the light and make them available globally. -Offer best quality unique products at best prices ever. -Customize the products and make our clients happy to own them. -Provide access to wide range of handcrafted products and antiques globally.

How do you define success?
Real success comes to those who pursue it, work on it and who are passionate about it.

Biggest Success
Biggest success is to make my dream (ARISTOCRAFT) come true and running successfully all over the globe.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
The most challenging part was the competition in the market and lack of investment to start. My successful market research for about 3 years have given me an insight about the market and I realised that there are smarter ways to start a business within given budget. During the research time I have earned each and every penny to build this company. Investment was not at all a challenge then if you have a great action plan to build it. It was then within a span of 6 months Aristocraft has born in memorable year 2012.

Who is your most important role model?
My father is my role model who always wanted to see me as a successful person and an independant entrepreneur. Who could address the capabilities in me and motivated me all the time. Also some more people like friends and industry experts are involved who have always given me the courage and helping hand when needed.