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Name: Bhumika Zhaveri

Business: InteriMarket

Location: Hatfield, United Kingdom

Industry: Technology & Telecommunications

Reason for starting? My mission is to help millions of interim and contracting professionals globally get ahead, connect with relevance and find opportunities all in one place by building “The Hub of all Interim Recruitment & Management.” We are helping eliminate wasted time, money and gaps in employment.

As a solutions driven senior interim professional myself, I waited awhile, hoping one of the more experienced businesses may come up with better solutions to challenge the entire global industry of interim and contract recruitment, especially the way we are perceived, hired and managed. But no one else did. So I took it upon myself in mid-2015 to start researching the gap, the scale of problem and potential solutions to help not today or tomorrow, but in three, four or even five years time… Longer-term solutions to a growing industry.

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How do you define success? My definition of success is not giving up, persisting and believing in what moves me, working hard and in collaboration with others to bring change, big or small. Success is often misconstrued by the money someone earns, when in reality money is no measure of success. The real definition is when each day you are inspired and motivated by your work and your passions to a point where, even in the worst moments, you do not want to give up.

Biggest success: Well, from managing an abusive father, to immigration at 18 to the U.K. and struggling for 10 years with other personal setbacks, I feel that building my life to the stage where it is today, having the confidence to build a vision for a successful global brand and unwavering dedication to my personal and professional growth… that is my biggest achievement. I am my biggest achievement, despite whatever has happened to me.

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it? Previous businesses feel so easy compared to this… This startup has presented me with enormous challenges from personal commitment, professional challenges to the technology industry as a sector. I have overcome and continue to do so each day, in small ways. With regards to finances and funding, this is an on-going operational challenge that I constantly seek support, mentorship and advice for. With regards to sales, we learn as we grow. For us it is more about building the relationships and providing solutions that truly make a difference and help employers, recruiters and our members.

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Who is your most important role model? My mum has always been my biggest inspiration and role model. She is a woman of strength and character, who has been through enough in life to know that independence, kindness and forgiveness can be very difficult against cruelty, but can also be one of the best responses. Having seen her struggle, fight for us and protect us the way she did, I knew that when you truly love something wholeheartedly, you would always find a way. She was also a good teacher, harsh many a times, but so admiringly passionate about her kids.

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