The Story Exchange, Bianca W. Loew, TwyxtYour Name: Bianca W. Loew

Business Name: Twyxt, a messaging app designed for couples

Type of Business: Mobile

Business Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Twitter   @twyxt

Reason for starting
Prior to founding Twyxt I was involved in several technology startups. Most recently I was the founder and CEO of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) in Mexico, a global non-profit organization that helps to develop the marketplace for Online and Mobile Advertising. In this role I worked with many partners ranging from large media to small businesses and startups. It was my work with startups that convinced me I was ready and when the idea for Twyxt was born – nothing could hold me back. The timing was right, despite all obstacles including obtaining a US visa, moving to a new country and learning from scratch what it takes to build a tech company in the middle of vast Silicon Valley. But above all we were passionate about our mission; to develop technology for the most underserved relationship set – The Couple. The problems we want to solve are ones that we ourselves face on a daily basis.

How do you define success?
Accomplishing something, no matter how crazy and hard it is, with a smile in your face.

Biggest Success
Making a difference, a difference in our users lives and in my own life. Every heartfelt email, tweet and comment we get from a happy Twyxt users really motivates us. Using Twyxt daily in communicating and sharing with my husband brings a smile to my face.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
We had two significant challenges, we had never “started up” before and our founding team was nontechnical. I am sure we made a lot of mistakes along the way as everything took longer and cost more money than expected. While our funds were limited our faith and passion for Twyxt was not. We learned, learned and learned and were able to excite and recruit the very talented engineers that make up our development team today.

Who is your most important role model?
One of the most inspiring is Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. I read his book “Delivering Happiness” and have seen him speak a few times. He is brilliant, genuine and always true to himself. Zappos’ core values mirror his own. Companies around the world have been inspired by values such as “Deliver WOW though service.” On the other hand I am inspired by female business leaders around me who have managed to climb the career ladder and while still making time to be a great wife/girlfriend, mom, friend, athlete etc. My day never has enough hours, I am trying my best to not neglect my personal life but I still need to get that formula right!!