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Name: Bianca Tudor

Business: Elite Business Women , coaching and consulting for women in business

Industry: Coaching & Consulting 

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Reason for starting: Elite Business Women is a life story. “Be the woman who makes the difference.” Was something I was often told by my grandmother, a simple woman who lived proudly as a “woman.” I began this unique trip into the world of entrepreneurship with the desire to combine volunteerism and the chance to give back with the freedom to build a great business. This is how Elite Business Women, a business in the area of social entrepreneurship, was created. From the need for a tool to help and develop female entrepreneurs and to establish an entrepreneurial culture in Romania.

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How do you define success? Success is the ability to transform failure into achievements. The ability to find your passion, the ambition to follow it and give something back to the society. Our goal is to become an international company for women working together. Building a community of women entrepreneurs is our motto. A community where the values of each is defined by integrity, social responsability and passion for high standards, redefining the standards and sharpening our entrepreneurial abilities.

Biggest Success: Inspiring women all over the world, being involved in the project, Equality Pays Off, together with the European Commission EU. Additionally being the youngest Regional Director in a global company, The Alpha Group, part of the Noble Manhattan Company.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge is overcoming people’s stereotypes regarding my age. I started my carrer at 19 years old in a multinational company, ING Group, as the youngest in my team. Later on, I was the youngest Regional Director in a global company, The Alpha Group. At the present moment, I am the owner of a business and the Managing Partner in another group of companies, at only 27 years old. I am a young business woman and very often people judge my business expertise in terms of my age.

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One of the most difficult decision I had to make was last year, in 2014. After 1 year and a half of hard work, having a job and being a board member in an NGO, but also preparing the launch event of Female Leadership Organisation in Romania, with my business partner from South Africa, we came to the conclusion that we had different visions. In that period of time my business partner had become more than a business partner, in fact a very good friend, but I decided to stop our business partnership. I launched Elite Business Women and stopped the collaboration with Female Leadership Organisation, the project I worked for almost 2 years.

Who is your most important role model? My role model is Ivanka Trump, as a perfect example of how to combine both personal and professional life, team work and leadership. I also admire Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel.

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