We’re rolling out our picks for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, which focuses on STEM-inspired goodies.

Business: Nerdy Baby
Product: “Super nerdy” building blocks
Price: $50

What began as a considerate and crafty gift idea in the mind of Tiffany Ard of Nerdy Baby quickly evolved into a full-on business. Ard takes blank wooden cubes and transforms them into colorful, scientific lessons that expose children and grown-ups alike to concepts such as binomial coefficients. She describes them as “hilariously pretentious and totally adorable.” Pictures of the blocks went viral, and soon she found herself overwhelmed with orders. She says, “They are terrible and wonderful, and I love sharing them with young nerds everywhere.”

Editor’s Note: The blocks are sturdy and well-made, and depict words ranging from the widely known (Jupiter) to the delightfully obscure (oort cloud). Children will love the colors and, in time, the lessons they can teach. Adults will love them as a conversation starter — or as decoration. Just ask the judge who created a pyramid display of them on her desk!

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