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Editor’s Note: Our deadline for submissions is now past. We’ll be rolling out our top picks, starting next month.

Amid relentless news of climate change’s devastating effects and the environmental damage caused by humankind, it’s clearer than ever that we need to take effective action to reduce our footprint on the planet.

At The Story Exchange, we celebrate women who use their entrepreneurial drive and creativity to help solve pressing social problems, including our ecological ones. So this holiday season, we will spotlight the offerings of women entrepreneurs who are pursuing innovative ideas for responsible and sustainable living in our first-ever Eco-Friendly Gift Guide!

For this guide, we’re seeking female innovators whose products are both gift-worthy and globe-friendly. We want to hear from women making plastic-wrap alternatives, all-natural home products, organic toys, ethically made handbags and everything in between. If your product or service would make the perfect gift and help make the world a cleaner, better place, we want to hear all about it!

Between now and Sunday, October 15, tell us about ONE product you sell or service you offer that costs $100 or less that would make a fabulous, climate-conscious gift for a loved one, valued employee or important client this holiday season. We want to hear the story behind your product, how it makes a positive impact the world, and why it deserves to be included in our Eco-Friendly Gift Guide.

We will begin showcasing our final picks on our site on Tuesday, Nov. 21 — right on time for early-bird shoppers who start ticking off their holiday lists on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And we’ll be promoting the guide on social media sharing it with our media partners throughout the holiday shopping season.

Additional criteria:

  • You must nominate yourself.
  • You must have been in operation for at least 2 years, and it must be a full-time endeavor.
  • Your product or service must be eco-friendly, and must cost $100 or less.
  • Yours may be a for-profit business, nonprofit or social enterprise.
  • You cannot be a franchisee, independent distributor or sales representative.
  • You must have one or more employees besides yourself (full- or part-time, but not independent contractors).
  • You must have created the product or service yourself; it can’t be sourced from a supplier.
  • You may reside anywhere in the world.
  • Your startup story, included in your submission, will become part of our 1,000+ Stories project, an ongoing research project with Babson College, if you are not already a part of this campaign. Information provided for the gift guide may be published as part of that effort.
  • You must submit a high-resolution image of the product or service with your application.
  • If you have male co-owners or employees, you must be the primary leader of the company.
  • A team of judges at The Story Exchange may ask you to send a sample for review.

Note: If you have already submitted your story to our 1,000+ Stories campaign and would like to be considered for our Eco-Friendly Gift Guide, please fill out this form as well, as it contains additional questions.

After you apply, be sure to spread the word! Tell your friends, colleagues and networks about the The Story Exchange’s Eco-Friendly Gift Guide, and encourage others to submit applications by sharing via email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We can’t wait to hear all about your great gifts!

Questions? Contact us by writing to [email protected].