Carolyne_Kauser_Abbott_Edible Heritage Technologies

Your Name: Carolyne Kauser-Abbott

Business Name: Edible Heritage Technologies, a weekly travel and food blog

Type of Business: Food & Beverage, Travel

Business Location: Canmore, Canada

Twitter @gingerandnutmeg

Reason for starting
I was encouraged by some girlfriends to start a food and travel blog four years ago, so I had exactly 4 readers. It was the stepping stone into a world of writing, creativity and technology. I continue to write for my blog weekly slowing gaining readers. I am now focused on developing a series of travel applications (mobile apps) that marry history, food and traditions. The company is Edible Heritage, the first App is a walking tour of Aix en Provence and the second (in Canada) will be launched this summer.

How do you define success?
That is a hard question, it used to be so clear in the corporate world – financial reward, performance reviews and promotions. Now, it is about none of that. I get my biggest reward from a random comment on a blog post or a real human connection I make via social media.

Biggest Success
Growing my readership beyond four readers and launching my first travel App.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
This is a new world for me, every day I stumble across someone who has been writing, blogging and more for much longer and seemingly with greater success. It is very difficult to monetize a blog and I struggle now with whether that should even be a focus. No I have not addressed it – slowly it is evolving.

Who is your most important role model?
Interesting, this would have been an easy answer during my corporate career. Now I am blessed to have met a number of very interesting and inspiring people through the medium of my writing and social media.