Fif Ghobadian, founder of Road Twenty-Two

How ‘Orange is the New Black’ Inspired This Luxury T-Shirt Company

At Road Twenty-Two, founded by Iranian immigrant Fif Ghobadian in San Francisco, women who served time in prison get a second chance.

Meet the Women Who Teach Financial Skills to the Homeless

Anita Saville and Kathy Brough formed Budget Buddies to help homeless women lift themselves out of poverty.

Vida Aire Deborah Olivo

Circling Back: Deborah Olivo is a Survivor

The founder and owner of Vida Aire finds the inner strength to keep her business alive through the challenge of severe illness.

Lyn Lee Awfully Chocolate

Circling Back: Lyn Lee Navigates a Business’ Ups and Downs

The owner of Awfully Chocolate has navigated a few bumps during her entrepreneurial journey, but her Singapore company is still going strong.

Becky O’Neil Becky’s Pet Care

Circling Back: Becky O’Neil Knows When and When Not to Make a Move

The owner of Becky’s Pet Care found long-term success by figuring out when to make changes, and when to stick with what has worked.

Traci Phillips Natural Evolution

Circling Back: Traci Phillips Finds Success by Staying True to Her Roots

When we featured the founder of Natural Evolution in 2013, she shared a deep-seated desire to protect the environment. That drive fuels the ongoing success of her venture.

Judi Henderson-Townsend Mannequin Madness

Circling Back: Embracing Change Pays Off for Judi Henderson-Townsend

The owner of Mannequin Madness, first featured by The Story Exchange 4 years ago, has found that change can lead to new and exciting places — and once-elusive revenue goals.

Arita Nicholas’ Printing Business Almost Went Under -- Until Setback Became Opportunity

Arita Nicholas’ Printing Business Almost Went Under — Until Setback Became Opportunity

How the search for a strategic partner gave the Houston-based owner of Nicholas Earth Printing a new lease on entrepreneurial life.

Angelica Garcia-Dunn Built a $20 Million Business After Painful Misfortune

This Resilient Entrepreneur Built a $20 Million Business After Painful Misfortune

Angelica Garcia-Dunn’s personal life took a terrible hit. Instead of becoming bitter or giving up, she decided to shake up the Texas freight industry.

Kryshon Bratton: When Dreams of Growth Require a Business Shift

When Dreams of Growth Require a Business Shift

Kryshon Bratton of Houston runs a solid pool-building company, but she sees her real opportunity for profit and scale in another sort of construction business.

Melissa Austria is Building the Retail Store of the Future

Melissa Austria is Building the Retail Store of the Future

The feisty owner of Toronto menswear retailer Gotstyle is mixing and matching old-school service and digital technologies in a bid to survive — and thrive — in an increasingly tough industry.

Stacy Ratner, founder of Open Books

Stacy Ratner is in Business to do Good

The founder of Chicago-based Open Books has built a high-impact literacy nonprofit by applying everything she learned as a serial tech entrepreneur.

Donna Peel, founder of the nonprofit Pro Bono Network

This Woman Created the Uber of Legal Aid

Donna Peel founded the nonprofit Pro Bono Network to make volunteering easy for stay-at-home moms on hiatus from legal careers.

upstate New York flower farmer

Barbara Jefts’ Flower Farm Blossoms, On Her Own Terms

The upstate New York flower farmer is creating a farm and flower business that gives her the life she wants.

Heather Sandford the piggery

This Farmer is Bringing Home the (Humanely Raised) Bacon

Heather Sandford is pursuing a three-legged strategy to grow her New York pig farm and meat business, The Piggery.

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