Rose Yeong

Rose Yeong: The Queen of Shoes

Rose ran away from home as a teenager and began selling shoes. She learned the hard way, on the job, and today sells thousands of pairs of shoes each year.

Business: Bespoke Shoes & Retail

Violet Lim Lunch Actually

Violet Lim, Entrepreneur: How One Woman’s Risk Paid Off

“I have to follow my own passion, not what my parents set out for me,” our 22-year-old intern Christina Wu said after watching Violet Lim’s video on The Story Exchange.

Lyn Lee Awfully Chocolate

Starting a Business for the Kids’ Sake?

Lyn Lee, founder of Awfully Chocolate, told us her main reason for starting a company was so she could start a family and raise children on her terms. In a way it seems counterintuitive.

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