Jocelyn Chng

Woman Entrepreneur Who’s Tough as Nails

At 21, Jocelyn Chng took over a family business to provide for her five siblings and grew it to a company that today employs hundreds.

JFK and Random Kids

There is a movement brewing among young people who are waking up to the problems around them and taking action in meaningful, effective ways. Learn more about Talia, who mobilized kids to raise $10 million for Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Elizabeth Woods

From High School Dropout to Food Entrepreneur

Elizabeth Woods persevered through unbelievable challenges and now thrives as a leading entrepreneur serving up magnificent quiche.

Puifung Leung

Social Entrepreneur Pays A Fair Price

Puifung Leung is on a mission to make trade more equitable. She pays farmers a fair price for their crops, which she uses to make drinks and snacks.

Elim Chew

Entrepreneur Sells the Shirt Off Her Back

Elim Chew started her company selling imported clothing and accessories after she literally sold the shirt off her back at an incredibly high price.

Adrienne Ma

Learning Business Lessons From Mom

Adrienne Ma is taking the lessons she learned from her family’s traditional retail business to the web selling luxury items on her high-end e-commerce site.

Business Woman + Terminator

Growing up below the poverty line, Melissa Mowbray-D’Arbela, the founder of Filligent Technologies, learned to be resourceful at an early age.

Rose Yeong

The Queen of Shoes

Rose Yeong ran away from home as a teenager and began selling shoes. She learned the hard way, on the job, and today sells thousands of pairs of shoes each year.

Violet Lim Lunch Actually

Entrepreneur Making Love and Money

“I have to follow my own passion, not what my parents set out for me,” our 22-year-old intern Christina Wu said after watching Violet Lim’s video on The Story Exchange.

Lyn Lee Awfully Chocolate

For Love of Chocolate and Children

Lyn Lee, founder of Awfully Chocolate, told us her main reason for starting a company was so she could start a family and raise children on her terms. In a way it seems counterintuitive.

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