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Scaling Up: When Equity Matters

Meet three women entrepreneurs who took on the male-dominated world of equity investing and got cash infusions to expand their companies under terms just right for them.

Scaling Up: When Cash is Queen

Laura Zander has relied on cash and cash alone to build a $9 million business. For her, getting scale has been more about honing product strategy and organizational chops than injecting capital, she says.

Who are the Democratic Women Candidates?

Democratic women are contesting a significant number of races for House, Senate and governorships throughout the country. And many have been shattering barriers for women in politics for years.

Who are the Republican Women Candidates?

From Midwestern matriarchs to impassioned immigrants, Republican women vying for elected office in 2016 are of one mind in championing traditional party principles. What does this reveal about the GOP today, and what could it mean for 2017?