We've interviewed hundreds of successful women entrepreneurs about their small business journeys and what they learned along the way. Read the stories of inspiring startup founders, mid-stage strivers and established business leaders. Learn from the experiences of women business owners of every age working in every industry, from around the world. Discover the many paths women are taking to build great companies, break through barriers and cultivate economic and social good. Get ready! These everyday role models may well inspire you to start your own business, or give you killer ideas for growing the one you have. You may even feel inspired to share your startup story with us.

The World Needs Women Leaders

Maria Pinelli, Ernst & Young Global Vice Chair of Strategic Growth Markets, shares words of wisdom to galvanize female entrepreneurs into action.

A Budding Business

The fast-growing, controversial cannabis industry is said to be a supportive haven for female entrepreneurs. Intrigued, we took a closer look.

Beyond Aesthetics

Interior designer and entrepreneur Kimberly Lacy believes in the transformative power of a beautiful living space.

A Gainful New World

We don’t yet know the true size and impact of LGBT entrepreneurs, in part because many don’t disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity. What would happen if that changed?

On Being an LGBT Female Entrepreneur

With this series, we’re carving out a space to discuss the challenges and successes of women business owners across the sexual orientation and gender identity spectrums.

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