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The Lost Art of Sewing

As part of our continuing series with the New York Times, we profile homespun designer Jan Erickson of Janska.

Podcast Transcript

Alison Chung: I have friends who call me the inspector, the detective. My family members will not allow me to be in the presence of their digital devices. When I visit, everybody locks everything up. Colleen DeBaise: Welcome to The Story Exchange, featuring the stories and strategies of entrepreneurial women around the world. I’m Colleen … Continued

Podcast Transcript

Danae Ringelmann: Having watched my parents struggle so much to grow their business cause they never could actually get a loan to do it, I really did wanna understand money and why it was so hard to get money and help figure that out. Colleen DeBaise: Welcome to The Story Exchange, featuring the stories and … Continued

A Feast of Opportunities

Positivity and entrepreneurial spirit meet at open-air food markets, making them a welcome place for women business owners.