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If Women and Men Were Equal

Feminism is defined as “the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.” That definition got me thinking, what would society look like if the word “theory” was taken out of the definition and women had perfect equality.

Lucy Miller: Lucy Miller Pure

I am a dog lover, a fair-weather surfer, a passionate paddle boarder and a modern-day alchemist perfumer obsessed with rare and pure scent.

JFK and Random Kids

There is a movement brewing among young people who are waking up to the problems around them and taking action in meaningful, effective ways. Learn more about Talia, who mobilized kids to raise $10 million for Hurricane Katrina Relief.

An Entrepreneur You AUTO Know

Audra Fordin is determined to defy stereotypes and she’s not afraid to get dirty along the way. This feisty mother of three rolls gamely under any broken car and fixes it better than many men.

Choosing a business over Olympic gold

Amber Williams is so hyped up about the upcoming Summer Olympics in London that she’s put a digital countdown clock on her website. A gymnast since she was seven, Amber started her Michigan-based business Power in Motion Gymnastics and Fitness, at 21.

Inspiration Minute: Love Yourself

It might sound corny but watching Rose Yeong convey this simple message carries meaning. As a child growing up in Malaysia Rose’s father didn’t believe girls deserved a lot, so she ran away from home.

How Great Women Lead

Bonnie St. John is the former director of the National Economic Council in the Clinton White House and the first African-American ever to win Olympic medals in ski racing. At the age of five a rare condition forced the amputation of her right leg.

Woman Entrepreneur Gives Guys the Boot

Lisa Sorrell founded Sorrell Custom Boots because she loves working with her hands. She’s passed on her passion for creating her award winning boots to her 15-year-old daughter, who runs her own business designing ladies shoes (What a perk being related to someone in this family.) Sorrell’s biggest regret? Trying to keep up with the guys.

Meet Eve, the 8-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Eve Hobsbawm’s story is one that will make you feel inspired or incredibly lazy. The 8-year-old child from London has started her own business, charging customers to solve all their problems.