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Scaling Up: When Equity Matters

Meet three women entrepreneurs who took on the male-dominated world of equity investing and got cash infusions to expand their companies under terms just right for them.

Riva RichmondScaling Up: When Equity Matters
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Scaling Up: When Cash is Queen

Laura Zander has relied on cash and cash alone to build a $9 million business. For her, getting scale has been more about honing product strategy and organizational chops than injecting capital, she says.

Riva RichmondScaling Up: When Cash is Queen
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TSE Quick Take: A Hard-Won Victory

The U.S. government has finally reached its goal of awarding 5 percent of federal contract funds to women-led ventures a year. What does that mean, and what comes next?

Candice Helfand-RogersTSE Quick Take: A Hard-Won Victory
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When It’s Closing Time

Businesses shut their doors for a variety of reasons, as some women in our 1,000 Stories project learned — the hard way.

Candice Helfand-Rogers and Rachel WilsonWhen It’s Closing Time