News and Analysis About Women in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Politics

News and analysis about women in entrepreneurship, leadership and politics.

Clinton: Blocks on Women Hurting Global Growth

Restrictions on women’s participation in business and the labor force are costing “massive amounts” of economic growth and income around the world and slowing the recovery says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Rise of Women in Tech

While there’s finally demand for women in the technological field, too few of them have computer science or engineering backgrounds to take on tech jobs.

Election Politics, Media and Working Women

Both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney’s celebrated convention speeches highlighted their role as mothers rather than using the moment to discuss the issues women face in the workplace, including the pay gap.

Facts on Women-Owned Businesses

Women-owned firms in the United States have grown 1. 5 times faster than the national average over the past 15 years and the greatest share of women-owned firms are in educational services, health care and social assistance, and entertainment and recreation.

Infographic: Investing in Women

Startup coach and founder of EZebis: Winning the Venture Game for Women, Pemo Theodore sent us this interesting graphic on investing in women and venture capitalists that she created.

Walmart: Future Feminist Icon?

Women and Walmart have often been in the headlines in recent years as the result of a multitude of discrimination allegations. That’s probably why this headline by The Atlantic caught me way off guard: How Walmart is Making the World More Feminist.

Win-Win: U.S. Helping Female African Entrepreneurs

Forty-six women from 37 African nations travelled to the U.S. in the last few weeks to learn about running an export business as part of a US State Department program aimed at helping African countries rely less on foreign aid that began in 2000.

An Upside to the “War on Women”?

Women’s issues have been all over the media lately, and not for all the right reasons. Birth control, abortion rights, the Rush Limbaugh Sandra Fluke ‘slut’ comment controversy, Hilary Rosen’s comments on Ann Romney never working a day in her life.