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Kerry Davey: Personal Development and Confidence Coach

“I got to work on my inner self and set myself on a path of enlightenment through personal development, this was where the idea of retraining and creating my own business came from.”

Victoria FlexnerKerry Davey: Personal Development and Confidence Coach
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Jill Eras: Archetypal Dreamwork

“I love working with people who are hurting in many ways, and helping them find a pathway forward that they never believed was possible.”

Victoria FlexnerJill Eras: Archetypal Dreamwork
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Becky Krinsky: Recipes For Life

“I have been cooking my entire life and I knew that every day in the kitchen could teach us a lot about life.”

Victoria FlexnerBecky Krinsky: Recipes For Life
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Melany Oliver: Heart & Soul Coaching

“After many intensive training in all sorts of healing and mind based modalities I have now created my own system that works.”

Victoria FlexnerMelany Oliver: Heart & Soul Coaching