Managing Your Business

It takes a lot more than great ideas to run a strong company. Smart entrepreneurs have a keen sense of business management. Increase your knowledge in areas like finance, markets, human resources, communication, technology and business policy and strategy.

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Managing Your Business

It takes a lot more than great ideas to run a strong company. Smart entrepreneurs have a keen sense of business management. Increase your knowledge in areas like finance, markets, human resources, communication, technology and business policy and strategy.

disaster preparedness

A 5-Step Checklist for Your Disaster Recovery Plan

It’s hurricane season. Brace yourself (and your business) for circumstances beyond your control.

Author Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation inside her Calabasas, California, office. (Credit: Courtesy of the company)

The Best CEOs Embrace This Leadership Skill

Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation explains how to take a hands-on approach in the workplace. It’s a leadership quality that many women entrepreneurs display.

It's tough when people get your name wrong in business, but there are ways to deal with it. (Credit: Unsplash)

What To Do When The Media Misspells Your Name or Someone Introduces You With The Wrong Title

It’s the awkward situation that needs to be addressed for the sake of your business (and your dignity).

We've rounded up the best business books to help make you a successful entrepreneur.

7 Powerful Books (By Female Authors) for Your Summer Reading List

This summer, dive into these 7 books by and for women to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

Henrietta Hudson, New York

The Curious Disappearance of the Lesbian Bar

In the U.S, adults identifying as LGBTQ have been steadily rising. So why is the lesbian bar in decline?

‘I Haven’t Had a New Pair of Underwear Literally in 4 Years’

Jodie Davis of American Cuckoo Clock Company is on a mission to keep the tradition of cuckoo clocks alive in the U.S. The startup journey isn’t easy.

It's vacation time, for your and your employees. (Credit: Lance Asper on Unsplash)

Is Your Business Ready for Summer Vacation Time? Ask These 3 Questions

It’s that time of year, when sunshine beckons. If you or your employees plan to take time off, now’s a good time to assess your vacation policy.

Working long hours can lead to burnout and heath problems. (Credit: Freestocks.org on Unsplash)

Why Working Over 40 Hours Is a Trap. Here’s How to Get Free

Barbara Weltman looks at why you should nix the long hours for you and your employees — and shares some ideas for boosting productivity.

Owner Judi Townsend, of Oakland, is photographed at the Mannequin Madness retail store and warehouse in Oakland, California. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group)

Can’t Offer Fast Free Shipping Like Amazon? Do These 3 Things Instead

Judi Henderson-Townsend of Mannequin Madness isn’t using drones for delivery. But she does offer a small business personal touch.

It's that time of year, when businesses post summer internship opportunities. (Credit: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash)

How to Offer a Summer Internship Program, Paid or Unpaid

Tax expert Barbara Weltman runs through everything you need to know about summer interns, including tax credits and payroll costs.

Ana Sortun

This Boston Chef Likes to Do Something Most People Hate. That’s Why She’s Successful

Chief among Ana Sortun’s leadership skills is the ability to embrace change. Here’s how she does it, at popular restaurants Oleana, Sofra and Sarma.

To recover from a disaster, make sure you have a business continuity plan in place. The plan should include everything from backup services to remote work options.

How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

After living through the Woolsey Fire, Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.com provides these disaster-planning tips for small businesses.

Losing employees can affect morale. (Photo: Unsplash)

3 Tips for Retaining the Employees You Can’t Afford to Lose

Rochelle Clarke, who advises family businesses, says any business owner can learn employee retention strategies. Here’s how.

If tax prep is too much of a headache, here is how to file for a tax extension. Credit: Unsplash

5 Reasons Why You Should File for a Tax Extension

MyCorporation.com CEO Deborah Sweeney explains why, when and how small business owners need to apply for tax extension.

Tax season can be an anxious time for small business owners. It's time to prepare forms and add up receipts. (Credit: Kody Gautier on Unsplash)

How to File Taxes as a Small Business Owner

Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation offers these easy tips for prepping for tax season. This year, new tax laws might impact deductions and refunds.

Other Resources

Helpful Calculators

  • IdeaCafe’s startup business calculator helps estimate expenses with an easy-to-use first-year budget worksheet that does the math for you.
  • Entrepreneur’s cash flow calculator can help you keep track of your cash flow, credit, collections and other variables.
  • Bplans offers a calculator to help you determine your potential business’ break-even point.
  • The SBA’s SizeUp is a useful tool for benchmarking your business against competitors.

BlogHer PRO
BlogHer PRO is a conference and networking event for bloggers who want to improve their business, marketing and technical skills.

Sites for Freelance Help

  • FlexJobs is job site that specializes in serving remote, part-time, freelance and flexible workers and the employers who want them.
  • Toptal is an online platform that connects business owners with freelance technology, design and finance workers.

Supply Walmart
Walmart’s Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative works to source more products from women-owned businesses under a program with Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and WEConnect International, which certify businesses as women-owned and supply a special logo.

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