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An Entrepreneur You AUTO Know

Audra Fordin is determined to defy stereotypes and she’s not afraid to get dirty along the way. This feisty mother of three rolls gamely under any broken car and fixes it better than many men.

Nusha Balyan at The Story ExchangeAn Entrepreneur You AUTO Know
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Kenyan Entrepreneur: Dust off Failure to Embrace Success

From the corporate world to the realm of entrepreneurship, Eva Muraya is one of Kenya’s leading businesswomen. After working successfully with big multinational companies for 15 years, she quit because she wanted to conquer new challenges that allowed her to use her creativity.

Christina Wu at The Story ExchangeKenyan Entrepreneur: Dust off Failure to Embrace Success
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Ask, Ask, Ask

After starting her own company FairTaste to help underpaid farmers, Puifung Leung quickly realized she knew nothing about running a business. In this Inspiration Minute she shares the one secret that turned FairTaste into a successful social enterprise.

The Story ExchangeAsk, Ask, Ask
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Inspiration Minute: Make Mistakes and Laugh

Without any formal business education she started Becky’s Pet Care in 1998, walking dogs with her infant son strapped to her back. Her business has grown steadily ever since and today she employs 85 people. Watch this Inspiration Minute.

The Story ExchangeInspiration Minute: Make Mistakes and Laugh
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Olympian’s Role Model

The first African-American ski racing Olympic medalist tells us how her role models helped her earn more money and improve her work-life balance.

The Story ExchangeOlympian’s Role Model