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Women and Ambitions

Forbes Contributor Kathy Caprino sets the record straight about the claim that women are less ambitious than men. Women are as ambitious, if not more ambitious than most men, but is there something else holding them back?

The Story ExchangeWomen and Ambitions
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A Lesson on VC & Asking for Money

One of the hardest things for women entrepreneurs is asking for money. This widespread weakness among women entrepreneurs is one of the main reasons why women-owned businesses face such a challenge joining the big league.

The Story ExchangeA Lesson on VC & Asking for Money
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The 24 Hour Rule

Lately I’ve been rocking the 24 hour rule. This is the mindful practice of waiting 24 hours before taking action on something that’s important. Whenever I sense myself trying to control an outcome it’s a sure sign I need to throw down the 24 hour rule.

Gabrielle BernsteinThe 24 Hour Rule
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Why Women Leaders Need Self-Confidence

Active coping, which I consider as a style of personality functioning, predicts leadership effectiveness. This is true based on laboratory research I headed at the University of Chicago and in my 14 years of ongoing research in the field.

Leslie PratchWhy Women Leaders Need Self-Confidence
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The Humility of Sacrifice

You may know intellectually that you cannot have everything you want. I think, to some degree, we all do. But, it’s another thing altogether to know on a cellular level that sacrifice is part and parcel of running a successful, growing business.

Lena L. WestThe Humility of Sacrifice
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Resources for Women Startups, Where You Live

The National Women’s Business Council, which provides advice to the President, Congress and the SBA about women’s business issues, has a new website with some handy links for women looking for help starting and expanding their businesses.

Karin Kamp at The Story ExchangeResources for Women Startups, Where You Live
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Women Entrepreneurs and Finance: Don’t Be Shy

Times have been hard recently – especially for start-up businesses trying to get funded. Whether trying to find investors in your company or secure a loan from a bank, these days, just getting through the front door can be a challenge.

Karin Kamp at The Story ExchangeWomen Entrepreneurs and Finance: Don’t Be Shy