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How to Avoid A Tech Nightmare

Nelly Yusupova is the CTO of Webgrrls, a networking organization that helps keep professional women connected to one another and leverage technology.

Nusha Balyan at The Story ExchangeHow to Avoid A Tech Nightmare
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Women and Wine: It’s in Your Bones

A new study out today has found that moderate alcohol consumption may help prevent bone loss in women. I can’t imagine receiving better news – although I’m still hoping that the definition of moderate will expand to more than one or two drinks daily. Since wine is good for my bones, I need to drink more of it, so I called on wine expert Lysanne Tusar

Karin Kamp at The Story ExchangeWomen and Wine: It’s in Your Bones
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Trust Your Opinion

In this vlog Gabby talks about the importance of releasing the need for other people’s opinions and accepting that you are your greatest adviser. The more you listen to your inner guide the stronger your intuition will be.

Gabrielle BernsteinTrust Your Opinion
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7 Secrets to Work-Life Sanity

Do you ever feel like Wonder Woman? I have. As a woman juggling a ton of things I’ve wondered “what the heck happened to my life?” In fact, there have been times when I wondered if I had much of a “life” at all.

Mary Foley7 Secrets to Work-Life Sanity
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Summer Reading: Spark & Hustle by Tory Johnson

In her newest book, Spark & Hustle, Tory Johnson offers practical advice for women who have that spark to develop their own business and they just need is a little hustle to make it all happen.

Christina Wu at The Story ExchangeSummer Reading: Spark & Hustle by Tory Johnson
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7 Lessons from Twenty-Something CEOs

At a recent event hosted by Asian Women in Business, a new generation of CEOs gathered to discuss their experiences of starting a company and provide advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Christina Wu at The Story Exchange7 Lessons from Twenty-Something CEOs
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Immigrant Women And Entrepreneurship

Nola Andaya-Milani, a Filipina entrepreneur and founder of the Migrentrepreneur Woman Blog is a guest blogger for The Story Exchange. She will be exploring topics related to immigrant women entrepreneurship.

Nola Andaya-MilaniImmigrant Women And Entrepreneurship