1,000 Stories

More than 1,000 women entrepreneurs from around the world have told us about their personal business journeys. Here are their stories, in their own words. Tell us yours!

Mette Lykke: Endomondo

Our overarching mission was to make fitness more social, more engaging and more fun. Even after five years, the difference Endomondo makes in people’s lives is by far the biggest motivator for me.

Amie Salter: Ooh Belly

I realized that most professional antepartum and postpartum service companies serve high income families and those that can’t afford their services are left without guidance and support.

Sarah AbdelHafez: EduKitten

My Egyptian brother is living in the US and he has two children; a boy and a girl. And he’s always worried that they won’t be able to talk and practice their mother tongue which is the Arabic language…

Emily May: Hollaback!

Hollaback! started in 2005 as the project of seven youth (three men and four women). As the women told story after story of harassment, the men became increasingly concerned.

Elizabeth Dodson: HomeZada

Sometimes you have to push the boundaries that you have and understand you can accomplish more and you will find ways to accomplish what you need to drive forward.

Hallie Rich: alternaVites

We have developed a network of true fans of alternaVites who have helped to spread the word about our products and validate its reason for being.

Rita Kale: MoneyChat India

Success to us is the ability to reach out to the maximum number of women entrepreneurs in the country and help them set up thriving businesses.