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Jodi Goodfellow: Fashion Forward

It makes me happy every time I see new items posted on the website – because I realize that my idea is being utilized to help others Forward their Fashion and BE Fashion Forward!

The Story ExchangeJodi Goodfellow: Fashion Forward
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Jennifer Daly: Kinespirit

I define success as being able to touch people’s lives in a meaningful and positive way. This encompasses clients feeling good about their bodies, and also teachers feeling good about their skills.

The Story ExchangeJennifer Daly: Kinespirit
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Cathy Key: Keynote Networks

Success is creating win-win outcomes for everyone involved – our staff, clients, the company, our families, friends and the community. Working from a win-win ultimately creates strong and long-lasting relationships.

The Story ExchangeCathy Key: Keynote Networks
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Luisa Alberto: Sōw

I started Sōw because I saw a lack of fresh juice options in my community. I wanted to showcase the beauty and simplicity of nature’s bounty and exalt it in the same way we do specialty coffee and artisanal cocktails.

The Story ExchangeLuisa Alberto: Sōw
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Marja Toan: ZweetSport

We are two best friends who decided that our wardrobes were suffering on the account of little, to no “REAL” hot yoga apparel. Thus, ZweetSport was born.

The Story ExchangeMarja Toan: ZweetSport
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Michele Fried: Adoption STAR

I became a passionate advocate for adoption after my husband and I adopted our first child 25 years ago. The cumbersome system, regimented experience and the unwelcoming agencies encouraged me to find a better way.

The Story ExchangeMichele Fried: Adoption STAR
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Tawanda Story: Better Days Adult Care Center

Better Days was started because of after 10 years of working as a geriatric nurse, I had finally had enough. I knew that seniors had worked too hard for too long and needed to be provided for in better ways.

The Story ExchangeTawanda Story: Better Days Adult Care Center
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Jana Francis:

After 12 years in the corporate world, I was pulling out of my driveway after my third maternity leave ended, I knew I had to make a change to be financially free, and achieve a better work/life balance.

The Story ExchangeJana Francis: