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Laurel Gunnarson: The Didi Jewelry Project

I started this business to help women facing hardship in India through selling their jewelry. I taught jewelry making to women who are working in brothels, HIV positive, widows, and/or facing extreme poverty.

The Story ExchangeLaurel Gunnarson: The Didi Jewelry Project
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Jacqueline Rivera: Pawfect Day, Inc

The disappointment of working long hours for someone and not being appreciated forced me to look beyond my situation. I was constantly drained and depressed.

The Story ExchangeJacqueline Rivera: Pawfect Day, Inc
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Jennifer Downing: Nourish

A stay-at-home-mom of four, feeding them well is a full-time job. Planning meals and cooking from scratch on a budget are reflective of my time in the food industry.

The Story ExchangeJennifer Downing: Nourish
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Katie Niemeyer: Handana

Handana does more than protect my eyes: It has become a powerful reminder to cross my finish lines, to persevere.

The Story ExchangeKatie Niemeyer: Handana
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Debra E Baretta: Mama Baretta

I come from a bread baking family and I began the business when my son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies.

The Story ExchangeDebra E Baretta: Mama Baretta
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Nisha Moodley: Fierce Fabulous and Free

After overcoming emotional eating and food addiction, I started a health coaching practice 5 years ago, helping women find freedom from emotional eating.

The Story ExchangeNisha Moodley: Fierce Fabulous and Free
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Arline Saiki: ONEdersave Products LLC

We started raising fish and accidentally found this product from Japan that purifies water using beneficial bacteria. We tried it, it was fantastic and switched to importing.

The Story ExchangeArline Saiki: ONEdersave Products LLC
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Andrea Dent: Rebma Elyk Natural Skincare

Over the years I have not been able to find any natural products that worked well for my skin. Realizing that others were experiencing the same problem, I decided to become an esthetician and natural skin care product developer.

The Story ExchangeAndrea Dent: Rebma Elyk Natural Skincare
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Amanda Neville: Three Furies

I’m a new mom, so I’m watching [Marissa Mayer] to see how she deals with the commentary on her dual role and how she manages the expectations and actual work load with the needs of her family.

The Story ExchangeAmanda Neville: Three Furies
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Jessica Procini: Your Path to Health

I struggled with my weight for over 10 years. When I discovered how weight loss can be simple and fun I knew more women needed to learn how.

The Story ExchangeJessica Procini: Your Path to Health
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Olivia Lizotte: Brix22

I was exhausted and tired of working in the legal field so wanted something more flexible. I sat down and made a list of the 5 most important things I wanted in life.

The Story ExchangeOlivia Lizotte: Brix22
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Erin Owen: EEO Balance Corporation

I originally started my business because I wanted to help busy professionals learn how to eat healthier & lead healthier, happier, more productive lives.

The Story ExchangeErin Owen: EEO Balance Corporation
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Barbara Singer: Full Metal Mamas Stand Up Comedy Show

I got through [3rd stage ovarian cancer] then adopted a baby… I had lost so much time to doing stand-up (comedy), that I decided to form my own group and include other moms who put stand-up on the back burner to raise kids.

The Story ExchangeBarbara Singer: Full Metal Mamas Stand Up Comedy Show