1,000 Stories

More than 1,000 women entrepreneurs from around the world have told us about their personal business journeys. Here are their stories, in their own words. Tell us yours!

Claire Mitchell: Chillipeeps Limited

Success has been producing a product from the original Eureka moment; Success is gaining awards and recognition for your product… Success is giving back, through inspiring others to dream and believe that they too can achieve!

Natasha Clark: Lioness Magazine

Fourteen years later and I own two growing companies. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible. Each day is a reminder that I can do whatever my heart desires.

Karin Chien: dGenerate Films, Inc.

To distribute films about China, made in China, by Chinese filmmakers to Western audiences. Also to support the growth of independent, uncensored cinema in China.

Harriet Alida Lye: Her Royal Majesty

To create and cultivate local and international communities; to connect passionate artists and writers; to get practical experience editing and publishing a magazine.

Cecile DeMartini: Beach Butlerz

Ultimate succes to me is achieving a balanced life where the business is prospering on its own, my family is healthy and happy, I’m healthy and happy, and my husband and I are happy in our careers and relationship.