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Name: Cheelu Chandran

Business: DeBox , coaching holistic lifestyle practices

Industry: Coaching & Consulting, Health & Beauty

Location: Mumbai, India

Reason for starting: After having been through years and years of multiple life challenges and doing intense soul searching to find a meaning to my life, I came up with DeBox an organisation committed to emotionally underprivileged. Mental and emotional conditioning keeps us within boxes, limits us and keeps us rooted in fear. My mission is to enable to make the shift from a fear based existence (poverty mentality) to a love filled life (abundance mind-set).

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How do you define success? Success to me is living and pursuing your bliss, your passion and through that if I can make a difference to even one person and a make his or her life better, I would consider myself on the road to success.

Biggest Success: My biggest success story is coming out of all the things that I have been through and still standing to spread the word that if I can, you can too. I have a clear vision for DeBox; to open wellness centers, cafes and create platforms for every day heroes to share their stories, publish inspiring books and promote arts with meaning.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My organisation is a new born baby so I am still addressing challenges on that front. My challenges right now are more my own as I am recovering from a paralytic attack which I got in 2013. My top challenge is to be able to be up and with it, so to speak, to get past the energy swings and other residual challenges my illness has left me with. I address it by believing that I can.

The reason I started DeBox was based on my personal life challenges, be it marital abuse, battling and overcoming depression, worthlessness or medical hurdles. Life has taught me that I can make a difference and that is why I am alive.

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Who is your most important role model? I do not have just one role model because I learn what I can from a lot of people but the two who top my list are Mike Dooley of TUT and Louise Hay.

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