Chloe Euale Scatter MarketingChloe Euale is still an undergraduate student in Ontario, Canada, but that doesn’t mean she’s new to entrepreneurship. She has helped to build tech start-ups and launched her own fashion line but has found an enduring passion for marketing. Euale saw a need for a place where creatives and businesses could be connected, so she started her own creative agency Scatter Marketing. Today she’s helping small businesses connect with freelancers who work in web design, social media, branding and consulting. Did we mention she’s still in college student? 

Euale’s story, as told to The Story Exchange 1,000+ Stories Project

I have always had an entrepreneurial drive within me. From working at building tech start-ups, to launching my own fashion line, early on I found a passion for marketing in particular. I have always been a creative person and one who usually takes on a few more challenges than I can handle – a characteristic which led to the nickname ‘scatterbrain’ (in all the best ways). I’ve always had a natural drive for making something of my own that would benefit others, even though I am still in my undergrad, I strive to achieve a space where creatives can connect to businesses and businesses can find creatives. From this revelation, I knew I wanted to start a creative agency without limits. Thus, Scatter Marketing began!

Success is achieved when you are doing what you love every day. When that everyday passion allows you to be true to yourself, help others along the way, and create a positive space for others – success is achieved.

My biggest success was when I received some truly uplifting and positive feedback. I had hired an account manager for my first client, and the client said they had made all the difference to their small company. To know that a service I was able to provide gave way to success for a client, is a success for me.

The biggest challenge I am facing is strategizing a scale-up plan and implementing it. When demand started knocking, I knew it was time to focus on how to keep that momentum going and continuously gain clients. There have been times when demand is low, and times when demand is coming in all at once. To handle this, I dedicated time to determine how exactly I will onboard clients and how I will reach potential leads.

Recently, my father was re-diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, pemphigus vulgarus. This was during the time that demand fell flat and finding clients became few and far between. When discovering his treatment was not covered, I worked as hard as I could and landed new clients so that I can earn what is needed for his treatment. Ultimately, his treatment was covered by insurance and this was a positive stress-relief for our family. But it was also a positive for my business – it drove me to gain more clients for the purpose of helping my father’s health.

My most important role model is a woman who graduated from the same program that I am currently enrolled in at Brock University. Allie Hughes created her own digital advertising agency after graduating. Her agency has scaled to work with Fortune 500 businesses. Her business-know-how and the way she runs her agency and is seen as such a leader in our Niagara region adds to why I look up to her so much. I have had the pleasure of working at Hughes & Co as an intern as well as a Creative Writer. Working with Allie and her team allowed me to admire her as a role model just that much more.

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