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Colleen McCarthy

Your Name: Colleen McCarthy

Business Name: On Pointe Nutrition, LLC, a virtual dietitian and nutritionist

Type of Business: Coaching & ConsultingOther — Nutrition Private Practice

Business Location: Alpharetta, Georgia, United States

Twitter @OnPointeNTR

Reason for starting
Nutrition has always played a major role in my life. As a former professional dancer, I was always thinking about what I could eat to enhance my performance, what would keep me from becoming injured and what I could eat to stay thin.I would always read articles on what foods are good to eat for certain activities and benefits yet these foods always causes me stomach problems so I was at a loss. After many trips to the doctors office to figure out why my stomach always hurt, I was diagnosed with celiac disease at 21. At this time I had come to grips that my dance career had been put on hold due to figuring out the lifestyle that I now had to live gluten free, needless to say it was a major change and I was doing it blind folded with no guidance. After that experience, I decided that I wanted to help people like myself figure out what was causing stomach issues, injuries, headaches, etc so they would not end up in the same position I was and could keep dancing, playing music, doing yoga and all other activities that make your life complete as an artist. I went back to school to become a registered dietitian and I now specialize in food allergies, sensitivities and celiac disease in artists as well as the general fit population.

How do you define success?
The way I define success is constantly creating new ways of helping my clients figure out the foods that bother them, how to decrease inflammation in their body and how all of this change fits into their lifestyle, because let’s face it, changing the way you eat is really hard sometimes. Helping my patients become aware of what is going on in their body and seeing them recognize it and feel better is success to me. If I can help one person fell better and move on with their life in a way that works for them, keeps them healthy and moving forward, that is a success. Constantly working to help as many people as I can through education and helping my clients gain knowledge is what I strive for everyday and that creates success in my life and business.

Biggest Success
Starting my own integrative nutrition private practice and having people look to me for help has been a great success along with witnessing results of becoming symptom free from my clients who have been struggling with issues of stomach aches, bloating, headaches, eczema, heartburn, etc. and hearing out excited they are to be able to live the life they have always wanted has been the biggest success. Seeing my vision of helping people be able to get the job of their dreams or perform to their highest potential or even just live a ‘normal healthy life’ come into fruition is my biggest success.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My biggest challenge has been learning how to balance running a business, having a life and keeping myself healthy at the same time. I have addressed this by allowing myself “me” time when I feel I need it. If I do not take time for myself and take care of my own health, I am not able to help others 100% like I want to. I schedule in my exercise and when I plan and cook my meals to ensure that I practice what I preach to my patients. This is an everyday challenge but I keep reminding myself of why I do this and things just seem to fall into place.

Who is your most important role model?
My most important role model has been my Dad. He owns a multi million dollar company and yet still seems to find time to help me and mentor me with business tips and advice that I would never have learned in any educational program. I look up to him for his success and how he has gotten through difficult situations and persevered. I only hope I can be as great of a business woman/ person that he is.

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