Picture this: You’re sitting at your day job, working for someone else, when inspiration strikes. You’ve got a great idea for a new product or service — something completely different than your current line of work. But how do you go from employee to entrepreneur?

We asked Kimberly Dobbins of Chicago this very same question — and she told us exactly how she left her position as a corporate recruiter at Morningstar (where she was making a 6-figure salary) to run her own snack-bar company, Simple Squares. For anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, her story provides a roadmap for getting to your destination. Dobbins’ Simple Squares, which are gluten-free and suitable for the paleo diet, are now sold in 2,500 stories, including Whole Foods and Fairway.

See more in today’s New York Times or on our site. And watch our video about Dobbins’ entrepreneurial journey below.