Cristina Soviany
Your Name: Cristina Soviany

Business Name: IDES Technologies, an anti-fraud service

Type of Business: High Tech

Business Location: Brabant, Belgium

Reason for starting
After working on a project on credit card fraud detection where I applied new technology principles I did some market research and discovered that available vendors of card fraud detection products are basing their solutions on legacy technologies like rule-based and neural networks which cannot keep up with the continuous changing of the patterns of the fraudsters. This was the reason why I founded IDES Technologies in December 2009 and quit my job at the company I was working for.

How do you define success?
In the way we can achieve a better world; in IDES’ case, by ultimately preventing people from being deprived of the money they worked very hard for and from which they need to support themselves and their families. IDES Technologies operates in between card holders and financial institutions which need to use better solutions to stopping card fraud online before the cardholders are affected by this.

Biggest Success
When I saw the idea of becoming a product and a proven technology!

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
How to balance the company size in the most optimal way. I still need to improve on how to address this.

Who is your most important role model?
My father who inspired me through my journey and studies from primary school to university and for getting the ability to use abstract sciences like math into applied technologies.

[Note: In mid-2014, the company rebranded as Features Analytics.]