We asked women social entrepreneurs to tell us about a gift they make that supports a cause, helps save the earth or raises awareness of an important issue. See the full list in our ‘Gifts With a Mission’ Guide. Today we feature:


Kohana Slow Roasted Coffee

KohanaCoffee small

Product: Slow roasted coffee beans and cold coffee brew concentrate

Price: $11-27

Website: kohanacoffee.com

This Texas-based coffee company was inspired by founder Victoria Lynden’s trip to Hawaii, where she sampled a truly life-changing cup of joe. She returned to the mainland and opened her own coffee business named Kohana, after the small white flowers that bloom on a coffee plant before picking. The company produces a range of single-origin brews from the island of Oahu and a line of cold brew coffees that is 70% less acidic than other coffees. Proceeds from the company support clean and safe water solutions and re-usable bottles.

Editors’ comment: We tried the cold brew concentrate and it was delicious! The coffee took less than five minutes to make and tasted smooth and flavorful, even without the addition of milk or sugar. The holiday packaging for the coffee looks festive and would make a great gift for a frequent traveler or your friend who is “not a morning person.”

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