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Name: Dani Klein-Williams

Business: Dani Fine Photography and Image Studio

Location: Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S.

Industry: Professional Services – Photography

Reason for starting: I graduated from photography school in 1999 and a year later with a sense of determination and little more than a dream, decided to start my own photography studio. Since then, I have been capturing romantic moments, sassy boudoir poses and delivering polished results on various commercial projects. I strive to exceed expectations with each and every client I meet with. While the studio offers all types of photography, I primarily focuses on weddings, commercial work and boudoir photography. In recent years, I have additionally expanded my professional scope through speaking engagements and business consultations focusing on a variety of topics from branding to business strategy, sales and client relations amongst many others. Most recently I have been working on my first book, Real. Sexy. Photography, the art and business of Boudoir, set to release fall of this year.

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How do you define success? My personal definition of success is being able to to provide safety and security for my family. My husband and children are the center of my universe. My husband has taken the role of essentially a stay at home dad — this allows me to concentrate on my career while at work and know that my children are in the best care possible.

I work hard to be a good provider and lead by example about what it means to be a dedicated business owner. But the truth is, I work hard for the sense of accomplishment and achievement but really because if I work hard, I can afford to give them a great life! I want my children to have swimming lessons, gymnastics, healthy organic food, a great education, family vacations — this is expensive! I work hard for them — to give them the best chance at a happy and healthy life.

Biggest success to date: Our pending book release this fall!

What is your top challenge and how you have addressed it: Photography is a tricky field for growth. Do you add more team members? Do they photograph in your same style? Clients want a personal connection with their wedding photographer — so if you add more team members — how do your brides know who they are getting on their wedding day? Currently this is our biggest struggle.

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Who is your most important role model? My father in law — he is the most successful entrepreneur I know. He is in the Real Estate and mixed building use field — when he talks – I listen!

Twitter   @danifinephotography
Instagram   @danifinephotography

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