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Name: Da’Nielle Veasey

Business: UBME Business Consulting & Marketing Firm , a marketing and business consulting firm 

Industry: Marketing & PR, Coaching & Consulting 

Location: Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Reason for starting: Being a business owner means creating my own rules, carving out my own path and using my company as a strong vehicle to create opportunities for others. I wake up knowing that I’m doing something I love and something I’m very good at that comes naturally to me. With that comes passion and motivation that money just cannot bring. It’s much deeper than that for me. I enjoy seeing others succeed, and look good while doing it, and I feel blessed knowing that my company has planted seeds in assisting with that.

I started out in the entertainment business, singing and acting for years. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I saw what was needed behind the scenes that people didn’t have and that would make the most difference: having their business in order from the graphics to the websites, to printing and promotional items, as well as business consulting on how to market and advertise yourself better. I learned how to provide those services for myself, and others reached out to me to show them how to do so as well. Once I saw that I could touch peoples lives, I began to be drawn more to the business side of things — which most people  around me failed to have in order, which further limited their full potential for growth. This is how my company began- seeing the need and having the desire to help others become successful, and empowering them with the resources and tools they need.

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How do you define success? The definition of success varies from person to person. I feel that whatever is working for you, and not against you, is success! If whatever you are aiming to do is working for you, even if it’s moving slowly, then I deem that as a success. Now how you choose to get there, or what you feel that you have to do to arrive to that successful point, varies from person to person. Anything you do that helps you to become just even a little better than you were the day before….that’s success within itself! 

Biggest Success: I’d like to say that my greatest professional accomplishment to date would be that I personally and single-handedly hosted and sponsored a women’s business expo, after only just a few short years in business, which included speakers, workshops, catered food, vendors and more. That was a proud moment for me. It set the tone for me mentally and made me realize all of the thing I was capable of doing.

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What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge I would say has been balancing everything! From my work, to my family and home life, it has been a challenge for me. Being an entrepreneur has taken on a whole new meaning. It is nothing like having a nine to five job, where you leave for the day and also leave your work there until the next day. I am just now getting to the point where I have given myself set hours for work, so that I can allow for more time to spend with my family and others things that I’m involved in. I believe it is hard being a full-time business owner, but even harder for a woman that has children, a husband and tons of other things that require her time and focus. How I’ve addressed this issue, was to practice prioritizing my daily list of things to do. If it can wait, then I let it wait. I used to feel that everything had to be done right then for fear of upsetting someone or not satisfying my client

Who is your most important role model? My greatest influencers and most important role models in business are my family! Starting with my grandfather who owned a barber shop and a convenience store before I was even born, to my father who owned his own cleaning business, to a whole hosts of aunts who owned their own beauty shops as well as restaurants — the list of family business owners goes on. I would definitely say that entrepreneurship runs in my blood. So to see the struggles and the successes of those before me, only gave me the strength and courage I needed to continue the family legacy.

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