Danita Smith
Your Name: Danita Smith

Business Name: My Blooming Health Mobile, a mobile medical lab testing service

Type of Business: Medical

Business Location: Florissant, Missouri, United States

Website mybloominghealth.com
Twitter @mybloominghealt
Facebook www.facebook.com/mybloominghealth

Reason for starting
I’ve been a nurse for nearly 2 decades. I’ve seen a lot, from the patients bedside to the health care system’s business side. From both angles in nursing, I find that access to health care and the means for being noncompliant is our greatest factor in poor outcomes. I started My Blooming Health Mobile to create an avenue for our community to access healthcare at their convenience. Having the ability to have your labs drawn at your home, in your office or your loved one’s facility will definitely allow you to to take ownership and accountability for your health.

How do you define success?
For me success means meeting your goal. Your goal may not meet or succeed someone else’s goal. Success is individualized and it’s value is found within the beholder.

Biggest Success
My biggest success thus far is the implementation of My blooming Health Mobile. I’ve had many successes over the course of my life. I’ve written my goals on paper since high school, And I shoot for them. Once I reach that goal, I create another goal. Implementing My Blooming Health Mobile is just the beginning phase. I have many more successes to achieve in allowing resources for our community to gain additional and convenient, access to health care.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it?
My top challenge at this moment is marketing. Starting a new company entails a lot and requires much energy. Planning is key and while planning, many entrepreneurs cannot quit their day job. Having the time, ability and resources to market My Blooming Health Mobile in order to gain consumer buy-in, is extremely challenging in terms of time, or lack there of.

Who is your most important role model?
The almighty God, goes without saying, but I must give many praises to Him. God has placed the right, positive and most motivating people in my path for this endeavor. However, those who top my list include my Mother and my eldest brother. My Mother, Lorraine, has been inspirational in everything she does. Her strength and dedication allows me to see the depth of my own ability. My brother, Victor, has the entrepreneur business mind we all strive for. For him, the knowledge seems to come natural and with ease. Through his God given talents, his experience and his advice, I’m able to remain motivated and inspired by him.