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Name: Dara Barwick

Business: Dara Barwick Consulting, LLC, a counseling business to help businesses and non profits with ideas and direction

Industry: Coaching & Consulting

Location: Boston, Georgia, U.S.

Reason for starting: Although I was fortunate to do well in the corporate and public sector workplace, I always knew I was meant to be a creative entrepreneur. I’ve started several tiny businesses during my life, including a southern card game partnering with my daughter.  At the age of 60, I retired from my job and immediately started a boutique consulting business which helps businesses and non profits with ideas and direction. I feel so free, because unlike some women entrepreneurs I don’t have the goal of building a huge business with 100 employees. I managed and coached people for almost 30 years, and now I want to inspire and help others to be successful. Due to starting a family at a young age, I received my college degree at the age of 46 after attending college for years while raising my two children and working full-time. That required many sacrifices, but I am forever happy I did it. Many people take an education for granted, and that’s a shame because it is a precious thing. People use the word “passionate” often to describe their feelings. I hope it’s not considered over-used because I am truly passionate about sharing information, knowledge and ideas for the purpose of helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

How do you define success? By reaching a level of personal, spiritual and professional achievement that is right for you. Looking back, there were many times while I was raising my children that I wish I had not spent as much time working.  I don’t beat myself up about it anymore because my children have turned out to be awesome. I have found that is a huge advantage to being my own boss. I can choose to spend my time exactly how I wish.

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Biggest Success: Honing my communication, strategic thinking and relationship skills to serve others and myself in a way that feels great.

What is your top challenge and how have you addressed it? My top challenge is staying focused because I have so many ideas and solutions running through my head. I address it daily by 1) setting aside a specific time frame to work on social media and email, 2) teaching the topic of focus in training workshops as a reminder to myself, and 3) attempt to stop worrying about the chaos in my office.

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Who is your most important role model? I wish I could name one, but since focus is a problem that would be too difficult for me. As a group, I most admire leaders who have reached admirable levels of success while shining a light on the importance of integrity and moral principles. Personally, I’m not interested in Hollywood celebrity types unless they meet the above mentioned criteria. I want to read about leaders in any sector who demonstrate that being a decent person still works.
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